Polish Pickup-February: Sugar Rush!

#SwatchTheSweetStash is my theme for this exciting group of polish and products this month.
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So many different makers put together sweet dreams and cotton candy smells that will bring back not only your childhood but the cravings of sweet, sweet delights!
All items will be available at Polish Pickup from February 2 through 5!
Check out all the videos as I will continue to update as I finished up the videos!

First Video-Part One 
The Non-Polish
1. B Polished- Make it Dry Drops
2. Baroness X - Pistachio Macaron scented Acetone Antidote
3. Bohemian Polish- Sugared Strawberries Wax
The Polish
1. 6 Harts- Raspberry Ice
2. 77 Nail Lacquer  Sugar Berry
3. Alter Ego- Good & Plenty
4. Anchor and Heart- Sweet Little Cookie
5. B Polished- Bubblicious 
7. Blush Lacquers-  Pocketful of Cherries
8. Bohemian Polish- A little more conversation
9. Cameo Colours Nail- Mint Sparkle Lollipops
10. Chirality Nail Polish-The Velvet Death

11. Colores de Carole -Nerd Alert

Second Video-Part Two
The Non-Polish 
1. Bluebird Lacquer- Bluebirdies & Cream Zero Thirst body lotion
2. Contrary Polish- Tinted Lip Balm- Gummy Bears 
3. Cuter Cuticles- Barrier Butter – Fuzzy Peach 
4. Cuter Cuticles- Cuticle Oil- Strawberry Milkshake 
5.  Cuticula- Cotton Candy Frosted Cake Nail Tape 
6. Cuticula- Cotton Candy Frosted Cake Top Coat 
7.  Dream Polish- Cuticle Oil- Cherry Berry Taffy 
8. Dream Polish- Cherry Berry Taffy Top Coat 
9.  Ever After- Cuticle Crelly –Candy Crush
10. Forty Winks Jewelry- Chirin Chirin Ring and Earrings

The Polish
1. Bluebird Lacquer- Shut Your Pie Hole
2. Contrary Polish- Gummi Bears in Love
3. CrowsToes- Sweet Evil
4. Crystal Knockout Sugar Geode
5. Dollish Polish Queenbee's Whizbees
6.  Don Deeva Hazel's Nuttz
7. Ellagee- Truly Scrumptious
8. Fair Maiden- Cosmic Confections
9. Femme Fatale- Mermaid Candy
10. Girly Bits- I licked It, So It’s Mine
11. Great Lakes Lacquer- Not For Consumption

Third Video-Part Three 
The Non-Polish 
1.  Handmade Natural Beauty- Great Balls of Cake Bath Bomb 
2. It Girl Nail- Stamping Plate 
3.  KK’s Magical Creation –Wax – You Churro Sweet 
4. Leesha’s Lacquer- Gummy Bear Scented Top Coat 
5. Lilly Anne’s Garden- Lotion- Truffle Shuffle 
6. Mace Polish- Cuticle Balm- How do you like them apples? 
7.   My Indie Polish- Cuticle Oil- Gumballs 
The Polish
1.  Jior Couture- Cosmic Glazed 
2. Kb Shimmer- Rock This Way 
3. Kissing Toad Lacquer- Keeps it Poppin’ 
4.  Leesha’s Lacquer- Gummy Worm is the Word 
5. Lemming Lacquer- Delicious Surprise 
6.  LevelUp Lacquer- Baroness of Sugarland 
7. Lynn B Designs- Saccharine Breeze 
8.  Mace Polish- How do you like them apples? 
9.  Moon Shine Mani- The One with All the Candy 
10. My Indie Polish- Bubblegum Ice Cream 

Sorry for the crazy screengrab on the confused look on my face.  This is a daily struggle.

Fourth Video-Part 4 1.31 @7:30pm CST
The Non-Polish 
1. Nail Hoot- Cuticle Oil Pen- Scrumdiddlyumptious
2. Night Owl Lacquer- Wax Caramel Popcorn
3. Ribbits Stickits | How Sweet It Is Waterslide Decals
4.  Ribbits Stickits | I Need Candy Waterslide Decals
5. Sassy Pants- Strawberry Shortcake Cuticle Balm

The Polish
1. Ever After Polish- Melt in your mouth
2. Nail Hoot- The Snozzberries taste like Snozzberries
3. Night Owl Lacquer- Tastes Like Purple
4. Northern Star Polish- Turn Up the Sweet
5. Pepper Pot Polish- Jean- Claude (The Truffles from Brussels)
6. Poetry Cowgirl- It’s All Sugar
7. Pretty Beautiful Unlimited- Candy Floss
8. Pretty Jelly- Sweet Trip to Honeydukes
9. Quixotic Polish- Sweet Dreams Are Made of These

10. Sassy Pants Polish Pink Velvet Cake

Fifth Video-Part 5 1.31
The Non-Polish
1. Stella Chroma- Sugar Scrub –Choc Orange
2. Sweet Sage Scents- Wax - Aiko's Candy Basket Scent Shot
3. Toadarrific Vinyls- Candy Pack- Vinyls, PPU holo candy sticker, Multi/Rainbowchrome tweezers
4.  Zombie Polish- Whipped Sugar Scrub- Buttercream

The Polish
1. Sayuri- Konpeito
2.Shinespark Polish- Glitchy Schweetzness
3. Smokey Mountain Lacquer- Black Raspberry Sorbet
4. Starlight Polish- Peppermints in the Parlor
5. Stella Chroma- O, Macaron!
6. Supermoon Lacquer- Which tastes Sweeter
8. Top Shelf Lacquer- With visions of sugar plums
9. Turtle Tootsie –Pink Velvet

Don't miss the "Ask Me" Video tonight at 2.1.18 @ 8pm CST!
I will be going through questions in a laid back setting and taking requests of seeing polish over other black and white, different finishes, and comparisons!
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